Blessed Dental's two locations both strive to create a warm, gentle, homey environment.  We know exactly how you feel when you say you are afraid to go to the dentist, in fact, it's our business to know this and that we never stop striving for that peacefuil comfort while you are here. 

At our Pasadena location, from the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with a warm smile and offered bottled water, keurig coffee or hot coco. We are so proud of our office and the pristine quality of our equipment, we will offer you are tour around the office.  We will introduce you to all the team members so that you feel at home.  Your peace and comfort are our #1 concern!

Once you are seated in the dental chair, you will meet your chairside assistant and the Doctor.  Our doctors are trained in treating patients with gentle hands so you always feel they genuinely care about your comfort. We are proud of being the office that won't hurt you. In fact, we think that is one of our #1 "claims of fame" and most all patients leave our office saying they had a very positive experience! In addition to this gentle care, our doctors are all skillful and believe in continuing their education on an ongoing basis to continue to bring you quality dental care. They regularly attend City, State and National Dental courses designed to keep them using the latest up-to-date technology.

We also believe in giving you all of the information and treatment options for your dental care up front (no surprises!) This offers you your options up front including finances alowing you to be in control of your specific treatment and financial arrangements. We will generally "wrap up" these financial arrangements and future appointments before your dental work even begins so that when your treatment is complete, you can go home and don't have to wait around.

Our office's success is reflective in our many happy patients...we will probably ask you to refer your friends and family! We genuinely appreciate your choosing Blessed Dental for you and your familys dental care!

God Bless!