Sedation Dentistry


Our team of Doctors at Blessed Dental are highly recognized throughout the Dental Profession for their expertise and knowledge regarding Sedation Dentistry.  We remain the leading Dental Practice for Sedation Dentistry in Houston (Champions Willowbrook) and Pasadena, Texas as our patients receive unparallelled results.  Our highly trained team of Doctors customize our Sedation Dentistry Treatments specifically to each individual patient's needs ensuring the aboslute best results.  

Many of the patients we encounter have had a bad experience with their Dentist in the past.  In fact, over 30% of Americans avoid the Dentist because of past experiences, which have caused anxiety, fear and many times anger.  Sedation Dentistry is the perfect solution for this as it helps calm our patients allowing them to receive their treatment without fear in a calm and relaxed environment. 

Unfortunately, the majority of dentists do not receive the extra training and education necessary to receive their Sedation Dentistry Certification.  Fortunately, for our patients at Blessed Dental, our team of Doctors have an extreme passion for learning and receiving continued education.  This passion has helped us remain the leading Dental Practice for Sedation Dentistry in Houston (Champions Willowbrook) and Pasadena, Texas.  

If you are scared to visit the Dentist or have had a bad past experience give Blessed Dental a try and you will be glad you did.  Request your appointment online today and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Here is what one of our patients had to say about his sedation experience in our office.


Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

1) Many patients dislike visiting the dentist or have had a bad experience in the past, while visiting the dentist.  Sedation Dentistry allows these patients to receive their dental care in a relaxed environment.  Whether, it is a routine cleaning or a more lengthy advanced treatment, Sedation Dentistry relaxes the patient allowing a more accurate treatment to be provided.

2) The medication provided for Sedation Dentistry many times leaves the patient without any memory of their appointment, which is an advantage as many people do not like the Dental Atomosphere.  

3) Lengthy appointments feel shorter, quicker and it allows the Dentist to be more accurate, which reduces the number of visits the patient has to make.

4) Sedation Dentistry helps patients with physical ailments, such as their neck and/or back, alleviate their pain and allow for better treatment to be performed by the Doctor.

5) Sedation Dentistry helps patients who experience mouth, teeth and/or jaw pain receive better treatment as their pain is alleviated from the Sedation Dentistry medication.