Dr. Bob Stewart  (Dentist and Owner)

From childhood, Dr. Bob Stewart set his sights on being dentist, and nothing tempted him to follow another career.

Born in Dallas, he was reared in San Antonio where he was an accomplished musician in high school, and president of the National Spanish Honor Society. He also excelled in sports, especially soccer, and acting. He was in two motion pictures in high school, and was featured in a television commercial while attending the prestigious University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, named the best dental college in America. 

Dr. Bob was selected to work with Spanish speaking patients in a clinic in San Antonio the summer of his junior year in UTHSC.

Upon graduation he worked in San Antonio and Corpus Christi before moving to Houston where he was Director of a large dental clinic for three years. Over twenty years ago he purchased a clinic in Pasadena (known as Fairmont Family Dentistry). He has reciently expanded to a second location (Dentists at the Commons) in the Champions Willowbrook area and has renamed both practices Blessed Dental.

Dr. Bob lectures nationally and teaches other dentists a state-of-the-art technique in enthodontics, (root canal). He is considered one of the leading experts in this technique, which not only reduces procedure time, but increases the treatment’s success rate.

Dr Bob family

He also attends continuing education courses to keep abreast in the latest developments in all areas of dentistry.

"I take care of each patient that is in my chair as if they were a member of my very own family," he says.

And family is important to Dr. Bob. He is married to Kim, who often assists him personally in caring for their patients. They make a great team in helping patients feel at ease. They have three children, Christi, Coco, and Bobby.

Busy in his children’s lives, Dr. Bob loves to take his son hunting. Ask him about his latest hunt, he'll likely talk your ear off. He also coaches his sons soccer team. His oldest daughter, Christi, is at Oklahoma Christian University studying education and spanish.  She hopes to one day be a spanish teacher at a Christian School. Meanwhile Coco keeps him busy practicing her pottery skills or babysitting. Coco will be graduating from Northland Christian School and attending Lipscomb University, a Christian school in Tennissee where she hopes to study Bible and Pre Med.  It is her dream to live in Africa and care for orphans. 

In his spare time he chases his wife around the block, unless she slows down enough to let him keep up when they are out running. Other hobbies include water skiing, racquetball, golf, boating, soccer and tennis. He is very active as a Deacon in his church, Bammel Church of Christ.

Dr. Don Meunier (Dentist Champions  Willowbrook Location)

Art Barragan

Dr. Don Meunier not only uses his creative hands to promote dental health for his patients, but to bring joy and happiness to his grandchildren. The day before he put his hands to work helping you, he may have used them to built a tiny bedroom suite for his granddaughter’s collection of Madame Alexander dolls, or a guitar, or a lemonade stand, or something as simple as a tree swing.

    “I always wanted to be a scientist, but I also enjoy working with my hands, creating things. What better career to combine these two ambitions than dentistry."

Dr. Meunier graduated from the University of Texas Dental School and has been practicing in Northwest Houston for more than 20 years. In his spare time he teaches biology as an adjunct professor at Lonestar College, plays golf and enjoys gardening as well.

Dr. Meunier is married to his lovely wife Donna and they have two children and two beautiful grand daughters.  

Lisa Weatherwax  (Registered Dental Assistant, Office Manager, Champions/Willowbrook Office)


Office manager Lisa Weatherwax is a romantic at heart. She loves unicorns, lists her favorite movie as The Last Unicorn, and began collecting the mythical creature as a seven-year-old child. Poetry, also, flows from her heart when it is touched by a special event. She has been known to write a poem and frame it with a picture. Unicorns and poetry are not her hobby. “Work is my hobby,” she laughs about her job as office manager that during the day can include stints such as dental assistant, insurance expert, and chauffeur, picking up elderly patients for treatment.

Born in Georgia, she graduated from high school in Nashville, and married at eighteen. She became a dental assistant in Tennessee when she went in to get her teeth cleaned and was recruited to join the staff as an assistant. However, Lisa needs no experience for a love which naturally springs from a heart that sends her into a treatment room to hold a shaking hand or softly soothe a fear with gentle reassurance. Many patients ask for her by name when they come in the door.

She and her husband, Lee, have three grown children, Erik, Ashley and Crystal. The couple spoils a niece by keeping her every weekend. They enjoy camping in their fifth-wheel, jet skiing a bit and NASCAR races. Lisa went to work at her current job more than twenty years ago and ironically, she shares a famous anniversary date: 9/11.

Kim Stewart  (Registered Dental Assistant)

Kim Stewart

Over the years Kim has worn many hats in her husbands dental practice but her favorite is assisting Dr. Bob chairside to help the patients feel comfortable. From their chair, you may hear family chatter, a corny joke or even some really bad singing to help ease your nerves.

The Couple met at Astroworld over 25 years ago and have been married for 22 years. Kim's greatest strength comes from God. She loves caring for her family and talking to others about their families. In the middle of raising 3 children, Kim loves to run.  

"Our doctors are the best – but I guess I am most partial to Dr. Bob (guess I better be!) They are incredibly gentle and in tune to your comfort. I love working here and taking care of our patients," she says.


Sue Eckenrode (Dental Hygeinist Willowbrook Location)

Sue Eckenrode

Susan Eckenrode is rather rare in that she’s B.O.I. That’s right, Born On the Island – Galveston Island, that is. Her Italian grandparents ran a bait shop right off 61st Street. Her grandmother ran the store and her grandfather brought home the shrimp. It was during those formative years that she learned to love cooking, especially baking cakes and pies, then decorating them.

She left the island to graduate from Houston Technical Institue where she trained two years to be a dental assistant. Then began a career that evolved from dental assistant to office manager to working the front desk before assuming the key role of financial coordinator where she works with patients to help find the financial means to afford critical treatment. “I try to help find a way for patients to afford dentistry that they need,” she says.

Other than her family, outside interests include sewing draperies, clothing and purses. A normal weekend finds her immersed in enjoying the grandchildren from her two sons and two daughters. But that’s not her only maternal instinct. Ask her about the three abandoned baby squirrels she hand-fed.

Susan Kleinman(Dental Hygienist Willowbrook Location)


Susan Kleimann’s patients are in the hands of an experienced professional. Actually her interest in the profession dates back to childhood when a younger sister started losing teeth. “From that day forward I was fascinated with teeth.” Now, as a dental hygienist, she tries to make sure her patients keep there. She was reared in Pasadena and graduated high school in North Shore before earning her license to practice dental hygine at the University of Texas in 1978. In her spare time she likes to dance to country and western tunes while bemoaning the infrequent use of Cotton-Eyed Joe. The Texas two-step is her favorite and she might give you a lesson or two if you have time.

Her other loves include exploring the Hill Country on a motorcycle or watching motion pictures. Her favorite? “The Sound of Music.” Married and the mother of a boy and a girl, she carries a picture of her babies on her cell phone: Elvis, a Chihuahua, and Killer, a dachshund. Wouldn’t Elvis Aaron and Jerry Lee be proud?